Vision & Mission


Our vision is to inbuild, nurture and develop true life skills and values to give sound foundation of life, humanity, develop, global citizen to make the best world where we and the new generation will live with happiness and peace.




Our Human Society Transformation
The mission is to awaken humanity in people and garner their support for projects benefiting underprivileged children, creating a better world for them.

Teacher’s Role and Status Transformation
The aim is to elevate the status of teachers and broaden their horizons, equipping them with knowledge, expertise, and skills to become leaders in education.

Education System Transformation
The goal is to revolutionize the education system, providing children with ‘Education for Life’ that encompasses knowledge and enhances talents and life skills for holistic development.

Parenting Transformation
The objective is to guide and enlighten parents on positive parenting, enriching their experience and making it more joyful and rewarding.