Why Mary Convent?

As the child grownup for school joining, it is a tough task for the parents to choose the best option. We at Mary Convent help them to come over from this DILEMMA. The perfect beginning of educational journey will start at “The magical year” i.e. 2½ years, the ideal age for admitting toddlers in preschool, at this age toddlers deserves the prefect atmosphere for holistic development. At Mary convent they get the opportunity to enjoy their childhood and learn through fun.


Everything they learn in “The Magical Year” will stick with them for the rest of their lives. At Mary Convent, we establish the right foundation for a child’s flourishing future by fostering their minds and developing a good attitude towards the world. The first few years of your child’s life are vital, from the moment he opens his eyes to view a bright light through his first word and walk. We have established a healthy fusion of new age curriculum and a “feel at home” experience where education is provided for life with utmost affection. We are well acknowledged as the trendsetters of preschool education. We make certain that children may direct their own childhood films and create memories that will last a lifetime. This life-long learning begins in our very own castle of love, a paradise with child-friendly architecture and facilities that serves as a second home for the small ones!

Some of the USPs of Mary Convent:


Envisioned & led by a renowned parenting expert & visionary in education, Mr. Devesh Joshi, Mary Convent is a trendsetter of preschool education with over 17 years of redefining early child education in Narmadapuram and blossoming millions of lives. Today, it is most loved preschool which lays a focus on adding wonders to the childhood of every individual.


This preschool has received multiple accolades in various categories from educational venues around the country and worldwide.


A team of 20 highly qualified instructors, as well as 4 Quality Managers, Academic Heads, and Administrators, are dedicated to delivering the greatest education and facilities for students.

  • Intellectual Development Centre
  • Play Zone
  • Computer Lab
  • Projector Room
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Transportation


Nobody understands children the way we do. We surely understand that the early experiences of a child’s life are critical for growth, which is why at Mary convent, our child-centric approach promotes ideal holistic development at this young age.


Child psychology is always evolving, and it is critical to regularly evaluate their changes and development process in order to construct a complete and balanced curriculum. Toddlers’ developmental requirements will be met by a perfect combination of educational exercises such as reading, writing, and theme-based learning, as well as stimulating co-curricular activities such as painting, craft, stage exposure, and sports. Our curriculum development team has created a scientific curriculum that allows instructors to use creative ideas and ensure successful teaching while keeping the children’s entire development in mind. Our in-house team of professionals selected books that are not only easy to follow but also perfectly grab a child’s imagination.


Here, our children learn, discover, imagine and create under 5 domains of development:

Socio-Emotional Development Settling: We provide a “Settling” period so that children may learn about their second home in order to prevent separation anxiety. To help them improve their ability to speak and express their feelings, we often plan activities like circle time. We also think that interacting with people, places, communities, and the world around us stimulates children’s curiosity and interests. We take kids on picnics, outings, and nature walks in order to do this.

Intellectual Development: Our scientifically created curriculum includes unique books and learning environments including an intellectual development centre where kids study using a combined approach with our own teaching resources, and a computer galaxy where topics are summarised using audio visuals to keep learning engaging. We also provide topic-based activities where the children may learn about the month’s subject and ideas such “People Around Us,” “Community Helpers,” “My Family,” “Fruits & Vegetables,” “Shapes,” “Numbers,” and “Vehicles Around Us.”

Physical Development: Children grow naturally while they are having a lot of fun. And all of that entertainment takes place in our splash pool, rain dance, doll house, and the brightest play area. By doing this, we also help the Marites develop their gross motor abilities. Several diverse exercises concentrate on the improvement of their fine motor skills. Another area of emphasis when it comes to physical development is sports. Marits just take pleasure in their intense taekwondo classes and the tranquil yoga sessions.

A healthy diet is essential for growing them stronger and more intelligent. Food prepared in our on-site kitchen is sanitary and healthy for babies; it is first sampled by the staff members in charge before being provided to the children.

Language Development: In Mary Convent letters are not only ways of expressing oneself but also the closest friends to our Marites. We just like playing the role of cupid and introducing them to the poetic power of language. We engage in a variety of activities using our phonic card box to aid in the development of their phonological awareness. Our unique storytelling workshops help children develop their language abilities and pronounce words clearly.

Creative Development: We give kids a stimulating setting where they may explore their creative abilities in areas like dancing, art and craft, music, and clay modelling. Overall, Mary Convent strives to develop each child’s personality by offering the best learning environment possible to promote complete growth from an early age.


Through a variety of activities and events, our Marites are given the confidence and self-esteem they need to grow as individuals


Fashion Show, Fancy Dress & Roleplay: Our rockstars and fashionistas parade down the runway like they were made for it. As small ramas and sitas portray the wonderful mythology during our fancy dress and role play, physicians, models, and politicians depict the world of future!

Class Presentations: You may see how well your child is doing in school at our Presentations by seeing the adorable rhyming recitals, taekwondo skills, or even dancing performances.

Appreciation Day: Our specifically created diplomas, which are given to our geniuses at the end of the month for their unique attributes & accomplishments, are the best motivator there is!


Imagine how enjoyable it would be if every day felt like a celebration, especially when learning can be so much fun!

National days & Festivals: By exposing children to various cultures and traditions at a young age, they will develop a deep sense of patriotism. Our love for celebrating festivals such as Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Earth Day, Janmashtmi, Baisakhi, Lohri, Diwali, Republic Day, Holi, Eid, and Christmas knows no bounds.

Grandparents Day: One of our favourite events is Grandparents’ Day, which is specifically dedicated to honouring all grandparents. Our top priority during this celebration is to make it a fun-filled day, complete with games and activities that bring back the childhood memories of our grandparents. By doing so, we also teach our Marites to have respect for their elders.

Birthday Bashes: We have marked every Marites birthday on our calendar, and we celebrate each one with great enthusiasm alongside their friends, parents, and teachers.


Providing moral values during a child’s early years is an essential aspect of a complete education.


To ensure that our little ones receive the best possible foundation, our teachers undergo various training programs and workshops, which allow them to incorporate their unique touch of love and help our children flourish into wonderful individuals. Our support staff, including helpers and drivers, are also trained to provide exceptional care to our Marites.


At Mary Convent, safety and security are our top priorities, and we take every possible measure to provide a worry-free environment for our children. With entry-exit slips, vigilant staff, CCTV surveillance, and dedicated security personnel, parents can rest assured that their children are in safe hands.


Childhood memories are the most precious treasures in life, and at our institution, we make sure to capture every adorable moment of our Marites with the help of our in-house team of photographers and editors from Dino-Sores. These cherished photos can be conveniently accessed through our online Kids gallery.