Sound Foundation For Life

 Sound, happy, healthy, prosperous future is based on the sound foundation of every child’s life, we at Mary Convent lied the sound foundation for life of a child as we know that the most significant period in life is the early of a child’s life, we can lay sound foundation in this stage for the overall development of the individual.

From the moment they are born, toddlers exhibit an innate curiosity and energetic engagement in learning. They possess the capacity to guide their own learning, especially when surrounded by caring and responsive adults. Among all stages of life, the preschool years stand out as particularly influential. During this phase, development occurs at a remarkably swift pace, with half of a child’s brain maturing within the initial four years. To ensure their optimal growth, a tailored pedagogical approach is employed for children, encompassing the following key components:


Our pre-primary school revolves around the child’s needs, interests, and individuality. Through personalized attention and tailor-made learning experiences, we ensure every child thrives at their own pace, fostering a solid foundation for a lifetime of joyful learning and achievements.


We believe that ‘I-Can’ is always more powerful than ‘IQ.’ Our unique approach empowers children with self-belief, confidence, and resilience. By nurturing a positive mindset, we enable them to tackle obstacles and embrace opportunities, setting the stage for a successful future.


At our school, children receive the perfect blend of academic, social, and emotional exposure. We focus on holistic development, offering a wide range of activities that help children discover their interests, talents, and potential, ensuring a strong foundation for life’s challenges.


Our pre-primary school provides a vibrant and engaging atmosphere where children can explore, learn, and grow. We create a nurturing space that sparks curiosity, fosters creativity, and encourages social interaction, laying a sound foundation for life-long learning.


Parents of 21st century is very attentive, curious, awaked and serious about education they want the best education for their kids from early age of life, so they are looking towards pre school, hence the numbers of students is increasing day by day and the numbers of preschool too, it is vitally important that the latest research be made available to guide the development of practice which can shape these young minds. Being one of the best pre-schools in Narmadapuram, we ensure to be updated with new revelations in the child psychology. In an endeavor to blossom the personalities of the little ones and to give them an opportunity to develop at their own pace & comfort zone, we provide an ideal stimulating environment for the children. The basic ingredients of this Stimulating Environment include:

  • Chances for enduring connections and engagements with caring and attentive grown-ups.
  • Emphasis on activities rooted in play and established routines, empowering children to guide their own educational journey.
  • Assistance in nurturing communication and language skills.
  • Openings for both physical engagement and imaginative expression.