Our Story

'Let Them Bloom'

Realizing the need for a high-standard school for young citizens in and around Narmadapuram city, Divya Shrasti Seva Samiti was founded on 6th May 2005. The organization established a school named Mary Convent School. Divya Shrasti Seva Samiti, Narmadapuram, is working towards expanding the school up to the eighth grade, and the process of introducing higher classes has been initiated. School education is the fundamental step in a child’s development, and parents aspire to provide the best quality education for their children. The school, being the child’s second home, plays a crucial role in introducing them to the outer world. D.S.S.S. aims to foster the natural talents of each child, recognizing that what lies within is of greater importance than external factors. The children will gain a solid foundation at the school level to confront the competitive challenges of career growth in a rapidly changing globalized scenario while also focusing on all-round personality development.

To date, MARY CONVENT SCHOOL remains the only school with a research and development department for the Preprimary section. All teachers undergo rigorous training and continuous education regarding new revelations in child psychology. A highly professional workforce, including teachers, quality managers, academic heads, and administrators, collaborates to provide young children with the best education and facilities, nurturing them into leaders of tomorrow. Furthermore, the school takes the responsibility to educate parents about positive parenting through a series of seminars, contributing to the creation of a healthier society with enlightened parents and bright kids.

Every child with a positive attitude is encouraged to drive the world towards new possibilities where their personality can bloom. “Let Them Bloom” encapsulates the fundamental mantra of MARY CONVENT’S Curriculum. At Mary Convent, we not only empower children to reach for the sky but also ensure that they develop strong roots.